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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Emily de Molly Turbulence Swatches + Review

Hi guys!
Today I have another Aussie indie polish, one I'm actually really excited about showing you as I love it and the brand. It's called Turbulence by Emily de Molly. 

Emily de Molly Turbulence
As I mentioned in a previous post I wanted more of the EdM stamping plates as Haley had just released some new ones that looked great! So moral of the story, I purchased some plates and of course some more polishes! There's a bit of back story to this purchase. I have a ball next week and I wanted a lace plate to do some stamping with and EdM01 is packed with some lovely lace designs. I also have a wedding the following day and I wanted my nails to match both dresses, I'll have to post pics later! Anyhow, onto Turbulence!

Emily de Molly Turbulence - Full Sun
Turbulence has a royal blue jelly base filled with 3 sizes of hex glitters in purple blue and holographic finishes as well as large holographic diamond glitter and some small blue circle glitters. the glitter combination in this polish is truly awesome, the holographic finish makes rainbows dance across your nails and the blue and purple glitter adds depth to the polish. This nail lacquer is a work of art and I love it. I also realised the other day that this is my first jelly glitter polish, my others are all crellys. 

Emily de Molly Turbulence - Shade
To get the finish you see in the photo I used 3 thin coats of Turbulence without undies. The opacity was fine for me, although in the photo above you can see the tips are a bit lighter in colour due to the jelly finish. Two coats over undies would be fine too, however you risk changing the base colour of the polish. I topped this all off with 2 coats of Poshé as the glitters add a bit of bumpiness. 

Emily de Molly Turbulence - Sun
This polish is just gorgeous! It sparkles so well in the sun but I think it looks even better in the shade. The holo glitters still cast rainbows in low light. I can't speak for removal of this polish as I used a peel off base coat but I can't imagine it would be too bad. I did use the foil method for one pinkie as the polish wouldn't budge. The glitters were fairly easy to get off the nail in this instance. As an added bonus, there was no staining on removal!

Emily de Molly Turbulence - Shade
Another thing I'd like to mention is how easy the glitter is to get out, no fishing was required. There is also enough base that the glitter is easily moved around the nail, so it's pretty much like applying normal polish, just with added bling! The glitter also stays suspended in the bottle with minimal sinking. The polish just might require a shake 10 minutes before application.

Emily de Molly Turbulence - Sun
What do you think about Turbulence? have you tried Emily de Molly polishes before?

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