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Sunday, 7 September 2014

Picture Polish Electric Blue Swatches + Review

Today I have a new to me brand to show you. This is my first Picture Polish and I'm pretty excited as I've heard so much good stuff about this brand! I also like to support Aussie Indies and Picture Polish comes under that category. So, without further ado I present to you Electric Blue by Picture Polish!

Picture Polish Electric Blue
As always I'll start by how I came to acquire this beauty. Picture Polish is a brand I've long been looking at without buying. The reason for this is kinda silly, I'm located in Brisbane, they're on the Gold Coast, I feel as though I should just go and pick some up next time I'm there instead of paying for shipping. This is a strange justification in itself as I don't go to the Gold Coast often (maybe once a year) and shipping isn't that expensive, so I'm not sure where my mental block with purchasing these polishes comes from. Anyway, this past weekend I was at the Airport DFO (Direct Factory Outlets) when I popped into the Sunburn store (a swimwear distributor) and I spied a bowl of Picture Polish on the counter . . . discounted . . . to half price. So I grabbed up Electric Blue for $5 to see how it was and if all the hype was true.

Picture Polish Electric Blue - Sun
Well, if you're seeing the same photos I'm seeing then yes, the hype is justified! electric blue is this amazing midnight blue polish with lighter blue flecks in it that reflect the light in the most beautiful way. This polish has real depth to it and looks absolutely amazing in the sun!

Picture Polish Electric Blue - Shade
In the shade it takes on a darker, more mysterious tone that looks like and inky black. I wore this to a family party and got quite a few compliments. It does look quite dark, especially in low light but I think it's blue enough to stop it from looking black, if that makes sense.

Picture Polish Electric Blue - Sun
I like this polish best in the sun, but in the shade it looks quite good too. The formula was interesting. All the reviews I looked at mentioned an absolutely cracking formula. However I used Orly Bonder as a base coat and I think the rubber finished interfered with the smooth application as I had to load my brush quite well to get a smooth coat applied. This polish could be a once coater, something  I'm excited about as I like to stamp, so this can go on my list! I did apply a second coat as the streaky first coat (which I attribute to my choice of base coat) left a few bald patches. The second coat went on sooooo much better, it was beautiful. I'd also like to mention that the brush is great, it's a good medium thickness so I don't need to 'double dip' into the bottle. I like this! Also, clean up was a breeze! This removed so well, no staining or leftover sparkles, it just disappeared! I'm also a fan of the bottle shape and cap, I think it's very cool and not cheap feeling. The clear labels and caption for each shade are also a nice touch. I topped the two coats of colour off with Poshé Quick Dry Top Coat.

Picture Polish Electric Blue - Sun
Ahhh, so pretty, I could stare at this all day! To cap it off, I like this brand. The bottles and labelling are unique and give a high quality feel to the polish. The colour is beautiful and the brand's shade selection and formula is amazing. Indie brands just seem to be able to produce such unique colours and I look forward to trying more from Picture Polish.

Have you tried any Picture Polish shades? What do you think of this brand?

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