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Monday, 29 September 2014

Pastel Green and Gold Nails Feat. Ulta3 Polish and Emily de Molly Plates

Today's post features a man I did about a week ago. I was pretty stocked with the outcome, it was delicate and very suitable for Spring! This post includes a new stamping plate from Emily de Molly and a new polish from Ulta3!
Ulta3 Corsican Rose, Gold Rush Fever and EdM Stamping

The base of the mani is Ulta3's Corsican Rose ehich I picked up from Cosmetics and Fragrance Direct, a clearance store which gets old collections from lots of cosmetic brands. Originally I was looking for Coachella Dweller from Orly's Hope and Freedom Collection but they didn't have any left. When I was leaving the store I spied the Ulta3 stand and saw Corsican Rose which is a beautiful pistachio green. It reminds me of the ice cream flavour.

Ulta3 Corsican Rose + Stamping - Sun
The inspiration from this mani came from a post I saw on a polish Facebook group I'm part of. The base colour was a light grey pastel polish with silver studs and I really liked the mix of pastel and metallic. I don't have a nice pastel green, so this is my first. I confess that the formula is really thin! This mani required 3 thick coats to get what you see in the pictures and because of the layers you get a bit of the nail tip showing even when you wrap.

Ulta3 Corsican Rose + Stamping - Sun
I added the studs after I top coated with Poshé. I stick my studs down with top coat and then top the nail off with another generous coat to seal it all in. On my accent nails I stamped using a lace image from EDM01 which I got in my last order. I love this design! I've used it 3 times now, but I'm not too proud of the other manis so I didn't bother blogging about them. I stamped using Ulta3 Gold Rush Fever which is my go to gold stamping polish (at least until my Mundo de Unas order arrives!).

Ulta3 Corsican Rose + Stamping - Sun
I absolutely love this mani, it's so soft and delicate looking and just excellent for the lovely spring weather we're having. I kept this mani on for 4 days which is pretty good considering I stamped n it from day 1! It lasted really well too. I refreshed it each day with Sally Hansen's Miracle Gel top coat which is incredibly shiny and dries quite fast. I'll have to do a review on it once I've used it a bit as I quite a fan at the moment.

Ulta3 Corsican Rose + Stamping - Shade
Here's a shot of the mani in the shade. It's not much different so I didn't bother including more photos. There's super light shimmer in Cosrican Rose but you can't really see it, even in full sun. I class it as a creme polish even though it is quite sheer. After 3 days I was itching to do something to it so I added a stamping half moon design on the nails that had studs. I wasn't sure about it to start wit but I quite like it!

Ulta3 Corsican Rose + Stamping - Sun
I stuck down those round binder reinforcers for loose leaf paper and and stamped on top of the nail. Before removing the sticker I traced a line of gold right at the edge of the sticker. I'm a fan of this, I think it's still quite elegant without going overboard. 

What do you think of this spring time mani? Do you paint your nails according to the seasons?

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