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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Textured Polish Nail Art - Essence Gothic Gold + OPI Solitaire

After my last post with OPI Solitaire, I did a lil bit of nail art to jazz up my mani, keeping with the textured theme of course! I quite like the textured polishes so pairing colours together is quite fun :)

OPI + Essence Gothic Gold
This design was pretty easy to. I used sticky tape (scotch tape) and cut off little bits into roughly square shapes. I then used the corners of the square pieces of tape to act as chevrons and tape off a triangle of my nail. I painted over the exposed parts of my nail with Essence Gothic Gold from the Dark Romances collection. On the white sections of my accent nails I added some holographic studs that I bought from the Emily de Molly store and ta da!

OPI + Essence Gothic Gold - Sun
This design was easy to do, the only issue i had was taping off the sandy polish doesn't create a good seal, s I had some of the gold leak under the edges of the tape. To fix this I dipped my clean up brush into acetone and lightly brushed along the edge of the gold to neaten it up a bit. 

OPI + Essence Gothic Gold - Shade

 The holographic studs were quite fun to use, they have a coating on them that shines different colours in the sun. However they aren't reusable (as stated on the EdM site) as the coating is dissolved by nail polish remover, so you're just left with a silver stud (which I have plenty of). I did have some issues trying to get them to stay on the textured surface, a lot more top coat is required to glue these down than with smooth nails.

OPI + Essence Gothic Gold - Shade
The Essence gold sand polish is my pick of the LE Dark Romance collection (which was available in Priceline stores in June/July). This is quite a nice polish, a kind of silvery gold with a fairly smooth texture on its own. Not as sandy as the OPI or Zoya textured polishes. It's also a metallic finish without any glitter, so it lacks a bit of dimension compared to other textured polishes, but I know that some people prefer this. I'm trying to build up my stash of textured polishes as I'm quite a fan of them, but this gold won't do it for me on its own, I still want to pick up OPI's Honey Rider and Zoya Tomoko (which is more neutral coloured).

OPI + Essence Gothic Gold - Sun
What do you think of nail art with textured polishes? Are they your thing?

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