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Monday, 15 September 2014

Maybelline Brocades Knitted Gold Swatches + Review

Hi again!
Another review for today, I'm trying to catch up the backlog I've got going. Today I have a Maybelline Brocade polish to show you. These never appeared in the usual stores that carried Maybelline so I was worried I'd never find them. But I have my ways. Today I present Knitted Gold!

Maybelline Brocades in Knitted Gold

As with previous posts, I have been finding quite a few polishes at DFO lately. They're all things that I can't get at my usual stores so I was quite chuffed when I found this one. I wasn't so impressed at the price though. The Orly's are all marked at $5 (reduced from $18 rrp), so I expected this Maybelline to be significantly reduced also. Not so, I think it was 50 cents off retail? which means I bought it for $5.50, more than the Orlys! But it is a beautiful polish, I'm quite stoked with it. 

Maybelline Knitted Gold - Full Sun
This polish is just so sparkly and beautiful! No matter what the lighting it's always got a lovely glow to it. It actually reminds me a bit of Laquistry Amazeballs. Knitted Gold is made up of fine gold shimmer and glitter in a clear base. Among the gold is two sizes of light pink hex glitter which adds a bit more interest. The pink glitter is a lot more prominent in the bottle than it ended up being on the nail. 

Maybelline Knitted Gold - Full Sun
Because of the heavy glitter nature of this polish I decided to use a PVA glue basecoat which will make it a lot easier to remove! After letting the glue dry I applied my usual basecoat and then 2 coats of Knitted Gold. Because of the bumpy glitter finish I used 2 coats of Poshé to even it all out and get a nice smooth feel. I was going to leave it uncovered like a textured polish, but it wasn't purposeful enough, so I topcoated it. 

Maybelline Knitted Gold - Shade
I'm quite stoked with this polish as it only needed 2 coats for awesome coverage. You could get away with 1 coat if you use undies. I should probably mention that the formula isn't the easiest to work with. It's very goopy and sometimes you need to double dip to get enough polish to cover the nail (*cough* thumb nail *cough*). But I made it work. the biggest issue is not getting the large pink hexes hanging over the free edge. So I went over the tip of my nail with my thumb to smooth it out. I'd also not recommend wrapping the tips with this polish, just do it with the top and base coats. 

Maybelline Knitted Gold - Shade
This polish is so blingy in all lighting that I could see it as being really good for a formal event or something. It's a nice light gold and very shiny. One last sun photo!

Maybelline Knitted Gold - Full Sun
What do you think of the Maybelline Brocades? There's a few more I'd like to get my hands on but I think i'll be lucky to get even one of them!

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