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Monday, 15 September 2014

Orly Melodious Utopia Swatches + Review

Hi guys!
Today I have another DFO find for you. It's called Melodious Utopia by Orly. This polish was actually a bit of a disappointment, but I'll explain why a bit later on. For now here's now piccies!

As I said before this polish was found at DFO (Direct Factory Outlets). They had most of the the Orly 2013 Hope and Freedom Collection but I was only interested in Melodious Utopia. I loved the pictured I saw online and I do like this polish on. The thing that drew me to it was the contrasting red shimmer than runs through it. I'm quite a fan of contrasting shimmer so I knew i had to have this polish. I actually went back for it after passing it up the first time I went.

Orly Melodious Utopia - Indoors Natural Light
After reading the introduction you know that I had issues with this polish. From the photos you might guess that it's a little sheer. Well, my nails have 4 coats on them, 4! I don't even like doing 3, so you can imagine how I felt at 4. But I persevered as I really wanted this colour to work. And in the photo above it does look pretty good. but I will not end up wearing this often, it's way too much hassle.

Orly Melodious Utopia - Direct Sunlight
This polish is a bit of a chameleon. I could only capture the red shimmer indoors but it is quite visible in real life. In this outdoor photo it's quite a bright yellow, very sunny looking. To me this isn't how it looked most of the time. Even worse is the following photo with flash;

Orly Melodious Utopia - Outdoors With Flash
It looks almost neon! But you can see the shimmer. You can also see where the side on my thumb nail is kind of patchy due to the sheer formula. 

Orly Melodious Utopia - Indoors Natural Light
My favourite are the indoor photos where it's a nice pale yellow. Just beware that it can look very different depending on the light. 

Orly Melodious Utopia - Outdoors Overcast
All in all I like the colour and shimmer of this polish. Would I have purchased it if I knew the formula was so crapatacular? Probably not. But I have it now and I do like the colour, I'd just need to really want this to work to have to use it again. Also, i got chips after 1 day! I think a lot of this has to do with my nails being a bit weak in certain spots where I have some peeling. If anyone has remedies for this let me know! I'm trying to oil my cuticles as much as possible to help keep the nail moisturised.

What do you think of this polish? Is it your thing?

Edit: This polish stains yellow quite badly, so if you decide to use double up on the base coat.

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