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Sunday, 7 September 2014

Mani Revamp: Gold Rose Stamping Over Navy Blue

Hi guys!
I was itching to break out my stamping plates as I feel like it's been forever since I've used them (yes, one week qualifies as a very long time!). My Picture Polish Electric Blue mani was calling for some gold embellishment so I decided on some gold rose stamping and a sprinkling of Fairy Dust. Take a look.

Picture Polish Electric Blue + Gold EdM Stamping
After wearing the gorgeous Picture polish Electric Blue over the weekend I wanted to add some bling to it. China Glaze Fairy Dust is probably the most talked about polish on the Facebook nail group I'm part of and I think my bottle doesn't get much love, so I decided to add it to this mani.

Picture Polish Electric Blue + China Glaze Fairy Dust
It actually looks really great with just the holo smattering (reminds me of galaxies), but of course I had to keep going. after pulling out all my stamping plates and examining them one by one, I decided on using EDM05, one of my most recent acquisitions. I thought gold would go great with this so I used my trusty Ulta3 Gold Rush Fever and ended up with this combination;

Picture Polish Electric Blue + Gold EdM Stamping - Outside With Flash
The sun wasn't out today so I don't think this mani is shown to it's best advantage, but it is lovely. The EdM stamping plates area etched really well and the images pick up great. This rose and navy combination reminds me of brocade fabrics with gold embroidery.

Picture Polish Electric Blue + Gold EdM Stamping - Outside With Flash
I like how the holographic particles of Fairy dust peek through the stamping, adding interest to the mani. I'm quite happy with how this turned out :)

Picture Polish Electric Blue + Gold EdM Stamping - Outside With Flash
I'm running out of ideas with my current stamping plates and would love to get my hands on some lace ones. So I think plates will be my next polish related purchase. Emily de Molly has some nice plates that I'd like to pick up along with more amazing holo polishes!

Have you tried Emily de Molly stamping plates yet? What do you think of this combination?

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