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Monday, 18 August 2014

Funky Finger Let The Beat Drop Swatches + Review

Hi guys,
I just reached a thousand page views! Not a huge thing, but it's a milestone for me as I only started my blog in April. for today's post I have a review of a Funky Finger's polish called Let The Beat Drop. Isn't the colour just amazing? I love polishes with contrasting shimmer!

Funky Finger Let The Beat Drop
Some of you may not have seen this brand before, especially Aussies. The reason for this is that you can only buy it at a particular store in the US called Five Below. You can also get them from Ebay but the prices can be a bit ridiculous considering these polishes are usually 3 for $5. So how did I obtain this? Well a lovely lady on one of the nail polish groups I'm part of offered to buy me some from a Five Below close to her house and after a little international voyage the beauties ended up at my door! I feel so lucky :)

Funky Finger Let The Beat Drop - Sun
If you're a polish aficionado you may think this colour is quite similar to a certain Color Club polish. Well you'd be right as these brands are made by the same company and many of the polishes are identical, just renamed and rebottled. I'm loving Let The Beat Drop, it's a medium blue with red undertones and purple shimmer running through it. I love contrasting shimmers in creme polish! It adds so much interest.

Funky Finger Let The Beat Drop - Sun and Different Angles
The application of this polish was pretty marvellous. The formula is on the thicker side which suits me as it's easier to control. I applied one thick coat over my base (which was a bit patchy) and then a thinner second coat to even it all out, topping it off with Poshé. This is what you see in the photos. Without top coat the polish dries to a sort of satin finish, definitely not high gloss, so even though it is fast drying I would recommend top coat. In real life there isn't any VNL like you see in the photos, but if your nails are long, a third coat might suit you more. Sadly I had to reduce my nails to nubbins as I will be going rock climbing this weekend.

Funky Finger Let The Beat Drop - Shade
In the shade the purple shimmer isn't nearly as noticeable and the polish becomes this nice medium blue. It actually reminds me of SH Pacific Blue, blasphemy I know. Even though you can't see the shimmer I still think it's a really nice colour. It looks so lovely and glossy in these photos.

Funky Finger Let The Beat Drop - Shade
There's only two things that I don't like about this polish, actually, all Funky Fingers'. 
1. There's no steel balls to mix them up. These polishes are well made so there's no separation (well not that I have noticed) and the base of the glitter polishes is quite dense, so not sinking. However, if these dry out, I think it would be a pain in the a$$ to get thinner to mix into them, so I would have liked some balls in the polish.
2. The shape. Yes it's cool and unique, but it's not so fun to store. These bottles take up twice the space of regular bottles and the lid is quite tall. but they are different, so I'll give them that.

Funky Finger Let The Beat Drop - Sun
This particular picture reminds me a lot of Max Factor Fantasy Fire, one of my favourite polishes (a Clarins 230 almost dupe). However the shimmer is not duochrome. But I may layer Fantasy Fire on top of this later on just to see what happens.

Funky Finger Let The Beat Drop - Sun
All in all, I am Funky Fingers convert. I would not normally buy cheap polish (I know, polish snob!), but considering the quality of the formula I would repurchase if I had a Five Below near me. Which I don't, and never will :(. But I can always find a polish mule, so there may be more Funky Fingers in my future.

What do you think of this brand? Does hidden shimmer float your boat as much as it does mine? Let me know in the comments!

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