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Monday, 11 August 2014

OPI German-icure Swatches + Review

Hi everyone!
Today I have a new polish for you, the story behind where I found it is quite interesting! This polish is OPI's German-icure from the Fall 2012 Germany collection. This my favourite polish of that collection and I'm pretty stoked I got my hands on it!
OPI German-icure
so the story of the acquisition: I was in the city the other day doing some shopping when I walked past a little discount perfume kiosk. They always have a small range of OPI, usually selling them for around $15. The polishes are from older collections and normally northing really grabs my eye. Well on this particular day I noticed they had a sale for 2 for $15 and they had a lot more than usually so I popped over to have a look. I couldn't beleive my eyes when I found the original Not Like the Movies from the 2011 Katy Perry collection (this one is a duochrome and super hard to find!), Fiercly Fiona from the 2010 Shrek Forever collection and, wait for it . . . . Black Spotted, the European exclusive polish for the 2012 Spiderman collection. I did a double take, could not believe my eyes. This polish is ridiculously hard to find and the prices are pretty high on Ebay. I ended up with 5 polishes, German-icure included, all for $7.50 each. Wow right? I mean this is Australia, the land of the expensive. However, amongst the gems, I saw some fakes. The bottles weren't right, they were too long. So if you go dusty hunting, watch out because fakes aren't an online thing anymore. Now onto the German-icure review!

OPI German-icure - Late Sun
sorry about the overexposed photo, but the polish looks so divine here! German-icure is a vampy maroon polish with an orangey red shimmer that really pops in the sun. I love how it has a sot of duochrome effect in the light. When the red shimmer is visible there are these mysterious dark patches around the edge of the nail making this polish really awesome.

OPI German-icure -Shade
In the shade you see more of the maroon base colour, but it still looks great. It's a vampy colour but it doesn't cross over too 'almost black' territory. I think this polish is really autumn/winter appropriate, there's something dark but fiery about it which adds interest. 

OPI German-icure - Late Sun
This polish is quite thin, very reminiscent of a multichrome formula. It does have a tendency to flood if the brush is too loaded. I used 3 coats  and 1 coat of Poshé for these photos and I'm quite happy with it. You could probably get away with two (especially on short nails), but there were a few bald spots that needed covering. This polish was a dream to clean up with! It just kinda 'erased' wherever the brush went which is awesome, but it also means you need to be careful with clean up. Removal is going to be a breeze with this!

OPI German-icure -Shade
I love how vampy this colour looks in the shade, I just want to keep staring at it. I feel like it has a lot of depth and is kind of mysterious. I am really happy with this polish and for $7.50 it's an absolute bargain! I feel like I should go back to that shop just to pick up any remaining pretties. But I have so many untrieds! The lady was watching me as I combed through the baskets, I don't think she had any idea how awesome and hard to find some of the polishes there were!

OPI German-icure - Late Sun
So what do you think of these types of vampy polishes, do they float your boat? Have you found fake OPI in store before?

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