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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

OPI The One That Got Away + Moyou Stamping and Swarovski Crystals

Hi guys!
Today I have a kinda long post. I've got a review for a polish I picked up this week, OPIs The One That Got Away from the 2011 Katy Perry collection. I also have some stamping and Swarovski flat back crystals (rhinestones) for you to look at. So grab a cuppa, sit back and enjoy the post!

OPI The One That Got Away + Stamping
The One That Got Away is a dark magenta jelly polish with fuchsia glitter flecks in it. This polish really jumped out at me on the racks at the discount perfume store. I picked it up for $7.50 (which is a total steal in Australia) along with 4 others which I spoke about in one of my last posts. When I was inspecting my stash this baby jumped out at me so I knew I had to use it.

OPI The One That Got Away - Sun
This polish comes across as being much brighter in the sun and the glitter flecks are a lot more prominent. Application wise The One That Got Away surprised me. It's actually got a bit of a jelly quality to it, not something that I was expecting. I did two coats and thought it looked perfect, until I went out into the sun and i could see that it was a bit uneven, so I added a third. I topped this off with a coat of Poshé. The thing I like about this polish is that you can vary the depth of colour depending on the number of coats you do. at two coats it does look noticeably lighter and brighter. The more coats you do, the closer you get to the bottle colour. 

OPI The One That Got Away - Shade with Flash
In the shade the polish looks more like the bottle. I had to use the flash because without it the whole picture was washed out. I'm quite a fan of this colour, it's bright and squishy looking and the glitter flecks add interest. It was also quite easy to apply, but on the thinner side. I find that I'm getting use to the OPI Pro-Wide brush as well. I'm not a huge fan of it as my nail beds aren't super wide, but it's not too bad.

OPI The One That Got Away - Shade with Flash
This picture really shows off the glitter flecks a lot better. But they aren't actually super visible, they just give a nice background sparkle. Onto the nail art part! I brought out my Moyou London Explorer Plate 03 and used various images from it to stamp my nails. I used Ulta3 Gold Rush Fever as the stamping polish.

Moyou London Stamping + Swarovski Crystals - Sun
I received my order of Swarovski Crustals today from ebay and felt the need to use them. I just recently found out from More Nail Polish that Swarovski do tiny rhinestones. I love Swarovski, ever since I was a little girl we've had their figurines at home. I use to do some jewellery making with their bicone beads and they have the most amazing colours and effects! I found a seller who had multiple sizes and sold mixed colour packs. Here's a picture of some of the colours they have.

Swarovski Flat Back Crystals - Source
I purchased the crystals in two sizes, ss5 (the smallest size and is 1.8mm in diameter) and ss9 (2.6mm in diameter). They were around $8.50 per pack (with 144 crystals in each). This may seem expensive for rhinestones but they give a much better finish than the plastic ones and they can be reused as they aren't dissolved in acetone. Here the two packets I got.

Swarovski Flat Back Crystals
I'm loving these, there are so many different colours! I worked out that there would be about 18 different colours, with 8 of each one. So I have a slightly different colour of pink on each hand. These crystals are beautiful, the effect they give off is gorgeous and they sit flatter than the rhinestones I have.

Moyou London Stamping + Swarovski Crystals - Sun
The only issue with the packaging of the crystals is that you have to pick out the colours, which can be difficult when using the tiny ss5 ones. My eyesight is pretty good, this wasn't an issue for me. 

Moyou London Stamping + Swarovski Crystals - Shade
All in all the nail art turned out pretty well! The gold stamping polish I use is awesome and stamps really well. I topcoated all of this to make sure the crystals don't come off anytime soon. To attach them I used a tiny dot of Poshé and placed the crystal on top and pressed it down. This works pretty well for me. I don't usually lose crystals or studs.

Moyou London Stamping + Swarovski Crystals - Shade
What do you think of this combination? Have you tried using rhinestones before?

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