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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Mani Revamp: Silver Triangle Accents Featuring OPI Push and Shove

Hi guys,
After posting this mani which used CG's Secret Periwinkle and a holo topcoat, I wanted to spice it up a bit, so I drew inspiration from a mani I saw a couple of days earlier. I present triangle accents featuring OPI Push and Shove.
CG Periwinkle, Gloss 'N Sparkle Holo Topcoat, OPI Push and Shove
I've had Push and Shove in my stash for a couple of months now. After seeing all the beautiful blinged out manis on other blogs I decided to get myself a bottle. When I picked it up they were going for $17.95 at both David Jones and Myer, and there was also 30% off, so I got it for less than $14. Not to bad for such a cool polish.
Triangle Accent with Push and OPI Shove - Full Sunlight
To do this mani I taped off pointy triangle section on the base of each of my nails using sticky tape. I pressed the sticky tape to my hand first to make it a bit less sticky, otherwise it has the potential to pull your polish up. I then filled in the triangle section with a quick coat of Push and Shove and quickly removed the tape. I did this one nail at a time as Push and shove dries really fast! I then topcoated all the nails.
Triangle Accent with Push and OPI Shove - Full Sunlight
Push and Shove is such an awesome polish. The coverage is unbelievable. This could be a one coater if you wanted. It's also an awesome stamping polish as I've previously demonstrated here.
Triangle Accent with Push and OPI Shove - Full Sunlight
Push and shove also dries to a really thin layer, so with topcoat on top I couldn't even feel that it was there. It was completely smooth!
Triangle Accent with Push and OPI Shove - Shade
I'd highly recommend getting this polish even if it's just for nail art purposes. It's quite an amazing silver polish. My boyfriend even told me to get a backup cause he thinks it's so awesome. I was surprised, he would never suggest getting a double of something I already have! 
Triangle Accent with Push and OPI Shove - Shade
So what do you think of this mani? Does the triangle accent float your boat? I quite like the combination of the two colours here. Also, this many did not chip! I wore this for about 4 days and the polish would not die, I'm quite impressed.
Catch you next time!
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