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Sunday, 31 August 2014

OPI Solitaire - Swatches + Review

Hi guys!
Today I have a really quick post for you. I managed to pick up 2 of the OPI Bond Girl Liquid Sand polishes this week and today I am showing you Solitaire. Isn't she beautiful?

OPI Solitaire
These polishes came out last year and I've seen them around a bit. They're only a limited edition so they will disappear at some point. Interestingly I picked up Solitaire and Jinx at Woolworths of all places. They've been on display there for a while but at the $17.95 price tag I wasn't going near them. Anyhow my mum found them on clearance at her woolies for $7.40 and she let me know about it :) So I bought 2. the only one missing from the collection was Honey Rider, which is one I would have liked to get. I left Tiffany Case and Vesper, Mum has Pussy Galore. I may go back for the others, I'm not sure yet.

OPI Solitaire - Sun
Solitaire is a white liquid sand polish with fine silver glitter running through it. The white is actually a bit pearly and not a creme which I think is a must with these finishes. The sand textured polishes always look better when they're mega sparkly. I have a few of these now and I have to say that I love them still, I don't think they'll disappear for a while. The formula on Solitaire was top notch, however it was a but sheer. I had to use three coats to get what you see in the photos, although this was pretty easy as they apply so smoothly! This is one of those times that I love the OPI pro-wide brush.

OPI Solitaire - Sun
The other thing that I like about liquid sand polishes is that there's no topcoat required. Makes the mani a lot quicker. Although they don't dry solid for at least half an hour. The sand texture appears almost straight away, but they are still dentable. So be careful after you apply the polish. These polishes also wear like iron. They pretty much don't chip, they're awesome! I'm going to add some nail art at some point as I get a bit bored with the one colour but I do think Solitaire is something special. It really seems a bit bridal actually, I could imagine this being worn on the big day.

OPI Solitaire - Shade
I'd like to add that the texture on the Bond Girls polishes are less gritty than the original Mariah Carey Liquid Sands. I personally like this as it feels like fine sand paper or an emery board. It also doesn't snag on things or scratch. Yes I am a fan :)

OPI Solitaire - Shade
What do you think of sand polishes, has the trend caught on? Would you buy these at $7.40 form your local supermarket?

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