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Monday, 25 August 2014

Zoya Stunning Collection - A Gradient Using the Warm Colours

Hi guys!
I have my first successful full gradient mani to show you today. I used the warm colours from the Zoya Stunning Collection and am so happy with how it turned out!

Zoya Stunning Collection Warm Colour Gradient
Zoya Australia's been having a bit of a promo lately with a lot of their polish discounted to at least 50%! So I had to indulge myself and lately I've been feeling that I need more creme colours as most of my polish is shimmery or has a foil finish. I saw the Stunning Collection was 50% off (so that brings it down to $49.50 which is retain price in the US) and had to buy it! The collection is made up of 6 creme colours; a yellow, orange, 2 pinks, a green and a blue. They look so awesome together all lined up, like a little rainbow! They took about 4 business days to get to me, which isn't too bad. Postage is free for orders over $50, so I bought Yasmeen as well. I've been holding off doing a gradient until I had creme colours that work together. 

Zoya Darcy, Thandie and Yana - Sun
For this mani I used Zoya Darcy, Thandie and Yana because I felt that they went really well together. I think the secret to a gradient is actually using at least 3 colours that are in a similar colour palette as the the areas between each colour are more easily blended. This is my first attempt at a full mani gradient and I think it turned out rather well.

Zoya Darcy, Thandie and Yana - Sun
To do this look I first laid down two coats of white polish (I used SH White On) which actually looked really good on its own. I was toying with the idea of leaving the white and just wearing that but I wanted to try the gradient. I topped the white off with a coat of Poshé to make it dry faster and then I got a clean maekup sponge out and went to work. I wet the sponge (my first time doing that too) and then did a strip of each colour next to each other and patted it on the nail in an up and down motion and added new polish for each nail. I did each nail twice and it worked out really well! Using the white underneath meant that the colours were more saturated and I didn't have to do as many coats. The hardest part was getting the tips to stay coloured as the white would peak through sometimes. 

Zoya Darcy, Thandie and Yana - Shade
After doing one hand I cleaned up around the nail with cotton buds soaked in acetone and then a cleanup brush for around the cuticles. Gradients are messy! I can see why people use tape. I then topped it off with another coat of Poshé which I think helps to blend the colours a bit more. I waited for the nails to be quite dry before starting on the other hand which made it quite a long process. 3 episodes of Gossip Girl later and here we are!

Zoya Darcy, Thandie and Yana - Shade
I'm quite impressed with the polishes from this collection. They're all nice opaque cremes with a subtle dustiness too them. they're not eye searingly bright and there's a good variation of colour. The three colours I used today all have the tiniest amount of silver micro shimmer running through them. I had to use the flash on my phone to even see it. You can see it a bit where the sun hits the nail in some of the previous photos but it's barely noticeable. 

Zoya Darcy, Thandie and Yana - Indoors
Zoya Darcy, Thandie and Yana - Flash
See? Not even visible under normal light. These polishes go really well together and I think Zoya did a wonderful job with this collection. I'd like to try and watermarble with them too, but that has proven to be very easy for me. Here's a pic of the names of the polishes so you can see what's what.

Zoya Darcy, Thandie and Yana - Indoors
I will definitely buy more 6 piece sets from Zoya as I think it's the least expensive way to try their polishes, providing you actually like the collection. This is the 3rd 6 piece collection I've bought from them and no regrets, the polish is also 5 free and has the least offensive smelling formula of any brand in my collection. The next set I buy will undoubtedly be a pixie dust set, but the one I want isn't listed yet. Zoya runs promos every few months, so getting polishes whilst they're on sale isn't too difficult. Here's one last parting picture of this mani.

Zoya Darcy, Thandie and Yana - Sun
What do you think of gradients? Are you a Zoya fan?

See you next time!

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