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Monday, 3 March 2014

First Post!

Hi all,
This is my first ever post on this blog, so bear with me. I will be posting about my interests which are mainly sewing (apparel sewing) and nail polish. I started sewing about a year and half ago when I had a month free between uni semesters and I love it!  I bought a sewing machine and read a tonne of blog posts and can now sew up a fairly respectable looking garment. 

Sewing takes a fair bit of time for me, I'm not the kind of person to whip up a garment in one afternoon, I'll usually make it over a few days or work on it just on weekends. So far I've made skirts, tops, a formal dress, a bathing suit and some shorts. I'm now starting to draft my own patterns based off ready to wear (RTW) items that fit me well.

Sewing allows me to construct garments that fit me well and take my unique body shape into account. One of the main issues I have with ready to wear items are the waist, I'm short waisted and therefore tops or dresses will be too big in the bust, or too tight in the waist, or the waist will be too low. I can account for this by sewing! With most top/dress patterns I generally have to shorten the waist, that's my main alteration. Because sewing is more time consuming than painting my nails, there will likely be several blog posts for one garment, going through the stages of construction. This will also allow me to keep track of what I sew and how I did it for future reference.

Now onto the polish! I love painting my nails, however I like to get decent wear out of a manicure which means that I do not change my nails more than twice a week. 5 days is average for me before I get bored of my mani, however sometime I add to it during the course of a week if it's not interesting enough. 

Most of my nail polish is from the big brands like OPI, China Glaze and Zoya, however I'm just getting into the indie polishes which is dangerous for my bank account, there are so many out there! My latest lemmings are thermo polishes, particularly Dance Legends (DL) and also some of the beautiful multichromes by both DL and Polish Me Silly (formerly Lush Lacquer). However due to lack of storage space and a boyfriend who would also like to use this space, I have to curb my spending hoarding a bit, not to mention that I only have a total of 20 nails to paint. So I have quite a few untrieds in my stash waiting for their moment in the limelight.

Through this blog I will catalogue my manis and state my opinions on the particular lacquer I'm using. I will endeavor to post several times a week however I will not be swatching collections as I like to wear my polish for a few days and really appreciate it. At the moment I only have my phone as a camera, but I will be obtaining a DSLR soon for piccies, I just need to learn how to use it, so sorry in advance for the picture quality until I can obtain a better camera.

I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I enjoy writing it, I have been following nail and sewing blogs for a few years now and love seeing everyones opinions. On that topic, all opinions in this blog are mine and not influenced by anyone. Also all products and materials are purchased by me as these are hobbies I've had for years and am not paid to do it. Leave comments if you have any, I'd love to read them!

Until next time!

Pins, Patterns and Polish

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