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Sunday, 16 March 2014

For St Patrick's Day: Zoya Veruschka Review + Swatches!

Hi guys!
I hope everyone had a fantabulous weekend. Boy has it been hot though! Today I have for you Zoya Veruschka just in time for St Patty's day. Veruschka is part of the Zoya Matte Velvet range and it's a beautiful colour! 

Zoya Veruschka

I got this colour from during one of their sales, they actually have it on sale right now for $8 as a St Patrick's day special along with all their other greens. Turns out I own 5 of the 19 greens Zoya has, can't you tell I love their polish?

Veruschka is a dark emerald green with green shimmer that does not turn black without sunlight. You can definitely tell it's green in all lighting so that's a bonus. The application was much like that of Zoya Harlow. It took a smidge longer for the full matte effect to show up but it's still as matte as Harlow. This polish was very easy to handle, it applied smoothly and spread evenly. I definitely love these mattes!

Zoya Veruschka in shade

Zoya Veruschka in shade with flash

Zoya Veruschka in sunlight
I love the glowy quality that this polish has, it's awesome. as with Harlow, I sandwiched some top coat between two layers of Veruschka for added protection. This should extend my mani as mattes are known for being short wearing. I also used basecoat but ensured it was dry before applying colour. I didn't use a ridge-filling basecoat this time and the polish is still very smooth without bumps. Here are some shots of Veruschka before I painted over the topcoat!

Zoya Veruschka with topcoat in full sun

Zoya Veruschka with topcoat in full sun

This polish is so beautiful with topcoat, it brings out all the shimmer and is awesome to look at. I'm definitely going to be trying a matte/shiny mani with this in a few days.

I hope you guys enjoyed the post and happy St Patrick's Day!

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