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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Zoya Kimber (2012 Summer Surf Collection) Review + Swatches!

Hi guys!
I have another Zoya for your today. I'm on a bit of a Zoya kick after purchasing 9 new ones in the last couple of weeks. Today's polish is Zoya Kimber from the 2012 Summer Surf Collection. Originally when I saw pictures of Kimber I thought it was a coral leaning orange colour, turns out I was wrong!
Kimber is a very bright almost Barbie pink with prominent gold micro shimmer running through it. It's made up of tiny pink and gold shimmer/glitter in a bright pink jelly base. I love how bright this colour is, it just wasn't what I expected.
Zoya Kimber outside in the sun.
 I used 2 coats of Kimber and 1 coat of Poshe for these photos. I was a bit worried about staining due to how saturated this colour is so I used 2 coats of my basecoat (China Glaze Strong Adhesion Basecoat). I can't get over how easy this was to apply! It's one of the easiest polishes I think I've ever used. The formula was thin but not watery and spread amazingly.

Zoya Kimber. So Bright!
Clean up was a breeze with this polish, it was easily removed from near the cuticle and the sides of my fingers (I can't paint within the lines). The Surf collection was touted as a foil finish set, however I think Kimber is more of a jelly micro-foil/shimmer if such thing exists. The particles are too small to call it a true foil and it has that kind of squishy jelly quality. This polish is the only one form the Surf collection which has a gold shimmer running through it, the others all have silver. 
Zoya Kimber under fluorescent lights.
Kimber was absolutely amazing and I'm looking forward to using some of the others from this collection in nail art later this week. The picture below shows my set-up for when I paint my nails. I thought it looked cool. Sorry about the lighting, I had to use the flash. I paint my nails whilst sitting on the floor watching TV and the dining room chairs are the perfect height to paint on!
My polish set-up.
I hope you enjoyed this post, if you have nay queries about the surf collection let me know.

See you all next time!

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