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Sunday, 23 March 2014

Inglot Flakies Review + PVA Basecoat Removal

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I mean to post this last week but other stuff got in the way. I have a bit of a backlog at the moment, especially for my sewing posts. After trying out the PVA glue basecoat here with Revlon's Autumn Spice, i decided to add some flakies to it as Autumn Spice is quite dark but has that red/bronze shimmer which would match Inglot 202 quite well. Also, flakies are notoriously difficult to remove and having the PVA glue on meant that theoretically I wouldn't need to go through the foil method. Here's a shot of Inglot 202 in the sun.

Inglot 202 - Sunshine
 I find that these flakies are actually at their best in the shade, the colour changing properties are more apparent. In the sun you only really get the red flash and the base colour looks really brown which surprised me. In the shade these polishes really shine!

Inglot 202 - Shade
 These photos show the red - yellow - green change of the flakies but it's so much better in real life. These photos are a bit washed out. There is also a blue flash on extreme angles, but it's only really visible when you have water on your nails. I amused myself with the colour change whilst swimming, it was gorgeous to watch!
Inglot 202 - Shade
Inglot 202 - Shade
From the bottle you can see I've used up a fair chunk of this polish, these bottles are very small though, only 8ml. However these photos how only one very thin coat of 202, the flakies are very densely packed into this polish. They also sit completely smooth on the nail.

You can find Inglot polishes on their website (which is ridiculously hard to navigate) or in Inglot stores which are in all capital cities I believe. These retail for $16 a pop which is expensive but these are some of the best flakies around and you only need a tiny amount. I also have Inglot 204 which is a blue - green flakie. Let me know if you want to see swatches.

No onto the removal! I only wore the flakies for a day, at that point I was a bit over the base colour and the addition of more polish probably did not help the situation. In all, I had the PVA glue as a basecoat for 3 days and I only got minor chips/tipwear on my left hand.

Minor Chipping/Tipwear After 3 Days
 After swimming I noticed that the polish on my thumb had started to lift.

Polish Lifting
When I got home I pulled out the orange wood stick and, starting with the thumb, lifted the polish from the edges and then worked it under the polish.

Lifting Polish Off
 You can see the glue is quite gummy and it actually made the removal very easy. There was no damage to my nails what so ever, however some nails required a bit more effort to 'break the seal' between the polish and the nail.The following photos shows my nails after removing all polish and before using remover to get rid of the last little bits under my tips.

These are all my polish pieces!
Removed Polish Sheets
 This method was surprisingly easy to use. The only downside would be the lasting power as tipwear will lead to the polish coming off faster. But 3 days is still pretty good especially if you just want one night of glitter glam. Removal was so so easy and no damage to my natural nails.

If you have any questions about this method, post a comment below and I'll get back to you.

See you next time!

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