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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Zoya Harlow and Carly Checkers Manicure

Hi guys,
Today I have for you an addition to my Zoya Harlow manicure. If you haven't looked at my review yet you can find it here. after surviving rock climbing, this mani was still in good condition so I decided to add to it.

I saw an interesting post on Chloe's Nails for matte checkers. Originally I wanted to do a matte/shiny combo however it turns out that Harlow does not have that big a contrast between the matte and top coated version so the checkers barely showed up.

Matte/Shiny version - very difficult to see

 I decided to use Zoya Carly from the 2012 Summer Surf collection. I bought this very recently when they had a big sale and scored the 6-piece Surfe collection for 50% off. I'd been eyeing it for a while but couldn't  justify paying full price for it. 

Zoya Carly and Harlow (Matt Velvet)

Anyway, Carly is a very similar tone to Harlow but slightly darker. It has silver and red-toned purple micro-glitters and pairs really nicely with Harlow as they both have the silver running through them. At first I used sticky tape as suggested by Chloe's Nails but the tape I have didn't seal very well so I ended up using stripping tape. This manicure is actually very easy to achieve and I like the effect.

Taken indoors under white light - no flash

Taken indoors - flash

I didn't realise how close Harlow and Carly were to each other but Carly has that nice foil/metallic effect and Harlow is matte so that warrants owning both for me.

I should also note that Harlow is quite easy to remove, I have read reviews stating that it chips badly and  is very difficult to take off. I use the foil method to remove all my polish and this was no different to a normal non-glitter polish for me and the wear was quite good, very hood considering it's matte, you can see my wear comments here.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you next time!

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