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Thursday, 6 March 2014

Scofflaw Varnish Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Review + Swatch

Hi guys,
Today I have for you Whiskey Tango Foxtrot by Scofflaw Varnish. This is an indie polish that I picked up form Femme Fatale Cosmetics at the same time as Orange You Sweet. It's a sheer teal jelly that contains 11 different types of glitter, yes 11! There's about 5 different sizes of white, mostly hex but some square and another few in two different shades of red. There's also a square silver glitter if I'm not mistaken.

Anyhow, the photo below (taken before I started this blog so I appologise for the picture) shows 4 coats of Whiskey Tango Foxtrot topped with Poshe;

Scofflaw Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
You can see that the polish is really squishy looking which I love. It's a true jelly and allows you to see multiple layers of glitter giving the polish depth. This polish was interesting to work with, the glitters do settle a lot so I found that I had to give it quite a shake or store it upside down before I wanted to use it. I can't find my bottle right now otherwise I'd include picture of the settling. Between each nail I inverted the bottle so that I could get some of the larger glitter, however apart from this no fishing was required! The coats I used were fairly thick however this polish went on very smoothly and self levelled. The finish was not completely smooth because of the glitter, I only used one coat of top coat but it probably could have benefitted from more.

The wear time on this was fantastic, it's actually the best polish I've ever used in terms of longevity. I had it on for 10 days, because I was away on holidays, and it didn't chip until day 9! This never happens, it looked as perfect as the day I put it on. I didn't touch up with top coat either. I highly recommend this polish as it's fairly unique. This is the only Scofflaw polish I've tried but if it's anything to go by, I will be getting more!

Also, I have this on my toes but layered it over 1 coat of OPI Can't Find My Czech Book and used 2 coats of Whickey Tango Foxtrot. This reduces the number of coats required but also changed the base colour a bit, which isn't bad, it means you can make it a colour of your choice if you want. I'd like to try it over purple and see what the effect is :)

Thanks for reading.

See you next time!

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