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Sunday, 23 March 2014

Self drafted black circle skirt - Part 2

Hi guys,
Sorry it's been so long since my last sewing post! I need to try and stay on top of this more cause this skirt's been done for a week now. When i last left you here I had only done the overlocker stuff as my sewing machine was in the shop. I had attached the waistband to skirt and finished of all the edges, ready to add my zipper and hem. 
The zipper will be exposed as its going to be a feature of the skirt. Because I have no seams in the skirt, it's just one big circle/donut, I cut a slit at the back where the waistband pieces meet to add my zipper. This was quite easy to do using my sewing machine. I pinned the zipper in place and then stitched it down. This Ponte knit is thick, but quite easy to work with and I just used my zipper foot and a sharps needle to get through the zipper tape.

Exposed Gold Zip
 I hand stitched the bottom of the zip down as I couldn't get in there with the machine, it also gave me more control of the placement for the tail. I then hand stitched the waistband facing to the waistband, being careful not to go through to the other side.

Tacked Down Waistband Facing
The only thing left to do was the hem. I decided I wanted to try out a blind hem, I'm not sure if this is recommended for circle skirts due to the extra fullness in the hem, but I went for it anyway. I also wanted a larger hem, so there is about 2 inches of fabric folded in there. Because of the extra fullness I did 2 rows of gathering stitches to ease in the fullness. I have a blind hem foot that I bought in a pack and hadn't used yet. To be honest blind hems always scared me a bit so I never tried it. Turns out it isn't that hard.

Hemmed Skirt and Blind Hem Foot
You can see from the hemmed picture that there is a lot of fullness in the hem.

Sewing the Blind Hem
 Whilst sewing the blind hem I stopped every few sequences to ease in the fullness of the hem. This worked quite well but due to the lack of give in the blind hem, the finish was slightly puckered. I'm hoping that after a bit of washing the hem will sort itself out.

Here's a picture of the final product! Not super well styled but this was what I was wearing that day.

Finished Ponte Knit circle Skirt!
This skirt is super confortable. Like lounging around the house material. The Waistband hits at just the right point for me and doesn't roll. It's quite stable but still has a bit of stretch. I;d like to style it for a more evening appropriate look, so i may add to this later.

Thanks for stopping by!

As always if you have any queries let me know.

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