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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Just Bought Some MoYou London Plates!

Hi guys,
Just a quick one today. I discovered MoYou London this week and was messing around with my own stamping set (did not work out so well) and decided to buys some of the beautiful MoYou London plates. I was most excited about the full image plates, where it's just one large picture with various patterns all over it. I've looked at some great blog posts on how to use these, this post by Lacquer or Leave Her was especially useful. 

These are the image plates I bought (courtesy of the MoYou London website);
Fairytale Collection 10

Mother Nature Collection 05

Sailor Collection 04
I have a few ideas for these already. The pattern on the ballet skirt from the Fairytale 10 plate will look so good with rhinestones, I've been wanting to use some for ages. I bought the Mother Nature 05 plate for all the roses, I wanted some images with branches and there's even little birds! From the Sailor 04 plate I especially wanted the fish scales so I can use my blue Inglot flakie polish to make it iridescent. So many ideas, not enough nails!

Let me know what you guys think of these plates and if you have any advice using them. i hope the standard images are big enough for my nails. We'll see I guess.

See you next time!

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