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Thursday, 13 March 2014

Zoya Surf Collection Striping Tape Mani + Quick Tutorial

Hi guys,
I've let Zoya Kimber sit on my nails for 2 days now and thought I'd add to it and I'm itching to use some more polishes from the Zoya 2012 Summer Surf collection. Because of the gold shimmer running through Kimber, I wanted to use gold stripping tape. I decided to do just the accent nails and added Zoya Carly and and Zoya Rory.

Zoya Kimber, Rory and Carla from the 2012 Surf Collection.
These are all the 'girly' colours from the Surf collection and I think they compliment each other quite nicely. I started off with cleaning my painted nails to remove any oils and then taped off a section at the top of ring and thumb nails. I then painted 1 coat of Rory on the rest of the nail and quickly removed the tape.

1 Coat of Zoya Rory Painted Over Kimber.
 I was surprised at how well this worked because I expected Rory to be quite sheet, but it covered Kimber beautifully and was really smooth to paint on. I think Zoya did an awesome job with the formula for the Surf collection. After waiting a few minutes for Rory to dry I taped off a section lower on the nail. I found that applying the tape to my hand to take some of the stick away made the job easier as it didn't pull up the polish beneath and I'm slightly impatient :) I then applied 1 coat of Carly and wrapped my tips to hide the base colour.
1 coat of Carly Over Rory and Kimber.
From my checkered mani I knew that Carly was opaque and would cover well in 1 coat. after allowing the polish to dry a few minutes I then snipped off bit of gold striping tape and applied it to cover the border of the different polish colours. I then added one coat of Essence Gel Look Topcoat and 1 Coat of Poshe to help speed up the drying time. And Ta Da!

Gold striping tape added to hide border.
 The addition of the striping tape makes this look so much more elegant I think and the gold matches quite well as Kimber and Carly are warm colours. Keeping Kimber on the accent nail also allows it to match the rest of the mani nicely.

Zoya Summer Surf Collection Nails.
Zoya Summer Surf Collection Nails.
I really like this manicure, I haven't used striping tape on my nails in a while. And the addition of a few coats of topcoat make it look so shiny! And it keeps the edges of the tape from coming up. I'll be keeping these until Sunday, I'm planning green nails for St Patty's Day! I realised after checking the Zoya website (they have a sale on all their green polishes at the moment) that I own 5 green Zoyas, eep!

I hope you guys enjoyed this, see you for my next post!

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